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Thank you for using a lead retrieval scanner at your recent convention. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Leads will be available 72 hours after the close of the show.  A yellow card with an access code was given to your representative at the event when they returned the scanner. Please enter the access code in the box below, and click on Submit. The page that comes up will give you the option of OPEN, SAVE, or CANCEL. We recommend that you click on SAVE, and save the file to a different location, with a different name. Do not accept the default location and name that your computer gives the file.


Thank you.

Access Code:


Note: If  you scanned Follow Up Codes, they added to the total number of scans.  Therefore, if you scanned 15 people, and 5 Follow Up codes, your total scan count will be 20. 




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